Cityhomes Apartments


Key security container –  How to get your keys:

  • Move the round metal plate below the intercom up
  • You will see a security container with a small lock inside
  • Device is similar to a bicycle look
  • Set-up Code
  • Turn lock left to pull out
  • Your keys are behind the lock in the security container
  • Take your keys out
  • Put lock back into the security container
  • Set-up different numbers as code
  • Close metal plate under intercom
  • You do have 3 Keys; 1 for building front door, 1 for the elevator, 1 for your apartment

How to use the elevator:

  • Walk to the end of the hallway
  • Elevator is on left side
  • Put the small key on the elevator panel into the lock, turn left and chose your floor